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What is FieldPLANR?

FieldPLANR is a Field Service Management (FSM) cloud solution that allows the user to create on-site jobs and quotes, schedule jobs, assign technicians, create invoices and share them with ease. Features like the advanced CRM and customized dashboard make the FieldPLANR extremely user-friendly. Manage all your valuable data with ease and find it under one roof.

What are the Modules that fieldplanr Supports?

FieldPLANR is highly modular and allows you to choose as many modules as you need and only those that you need. There is never any restriction regarding
modules or the number of modules that you must choose.
Some of the attractive modules with amazing features are CRM including clients, prospects & supplier management, Quotes, Jobs and Invoices management modules, Inventory as well as Purchase management modules and many more.

can you tell me the price of this solution?

As the field service coordinator solution is created in a modular basis, it is highly affordable. You only pay for the modules that you have chosen and nothing extra. The payment options are also flexible and the pricing reduces as you opt for longer periods of subscription, although there is no such thing as a minimum contract.

can i use the system for few days to see if it really helps?

We understand your concern and that’s why we do provide a demo. If you need a free trail, that can be arranged, too. You can find out for yourself how easy it is to use FieldPLANR!

if so, how do i use it with minimal technical knowledge?

FieldPLANR is built to be used by clients with even no technical knowledge! So as far as usability is concerned, it should never be an issue.

Do I have to sign up with a contract?

FieldPLANR does not demand you to sign up any contract. Once you use the trial version of FieldPLANR, we are sure you would continue using the solution and never look back to manual workflow again.

How many users can I add to be able to use the system?

Minimum of one user. There is no upper limit and the costing of the solution will add up per user. Clearly, it is highly scalable and you only pay for the number of users and modules that you have chosen.

What kind of businesses can use the FieldPLANR?

Any service provider of any business size can use the cloud-based FSM solution.

Why should I choose FieldPLANR over other solutions / What makes FieldPLANR unique?

FieldPLANR has a dedicated field mobile app for technicians and sales persons to go with the web solution. Auto-sync of data into centralized system regardless of where it is input from. Real-time notifications allows for smooth execution of field services and thus, completion of jobs. Offline mode for field mobile app users to save data when internet is unavailable.

Do you provide a support system?

We provide a well-placed support system for our users. In most parts of the world, we have respective local agents to provide support in the relevant time zone. You can also drop an email at support@fieldplanr.com and the response from the support team should not take more than a few hours.

FieldPLANR being cloud-based, where will my data and other important information be stored?

FieldPLANR is hosted in one of the leading cloud hosting solutions with its data center in the US, Spain and Germany. You can contact our support team at support@fieldplanr.com to know more about our hosting solutions and other related details.

I’m worried about loss of data. Do you follow regular backup?

The FieldPLANR system is backed up on a daily basis on separate remote servers as per general industry standards and rules. Contact our team for more details.

What about data security?

The data you provide us with is highly secure. FieldPLANR uses SSL so all data is encrypted at all time. The information we require from you is very basic and other than that, all login credentials are private to you alone.