The Advantages of using Field Service Management Software

  • FieldPLANR is highly efficient, user-friendly and is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that includes initial setup, regular updates and upgrades and also maintenance.
  • Fully loaded and ready-to-use solution that can also be customized to your needs.
  • International-level support system in place that includes communication in your preferred way – video (Skype), call (telephonic) or emails.
  • Features with multiple settings that make the software stand out from the rest.
  • Real analytics of your business operations so you can make the best business decisions.

Do you face an issue with too much information stored on papers and often lose track of where you can retrieve important information from?

This task, as we understand, can be tedious. Not maintaining these regular tasks could end up having no effect with the pest control done until then. Pest control includes clearing out the infestations of pests such as cockroaches, termites and ants.

Maximize productivity of your field technicians and in turn provide better services for your customer. FieldPLANR automates every step of contracts to make contract management very easy for you! The pest control management software lets you fulfill the SLA with your customer with no violations!

One-time & Recursive Contract Management

Manage both one-time and recursive (repeat) jobs/contracts efficiently with just one pest control management software, FieldPLANR. Find out contracts that are ready to be invoiced and those that are still in progress. Invoices can be received in full or in parts, as created. Reports are provided to help you keep track of budget. Run system generated reports or customize your own report.

Scheduler for Pest Control Services

Schedule visits from the beautiful and efficient drag & drop calendar. The calendar view displays day view, week view, month view & team view. Quickly assign technician based on their availability displayed on the calendar. Re-schedule or re-assign visit to another technician in case of urgent requirements in a single step of drag & drop process.

Error-Free Quote Management

No more mistakes! The quote management module takes into consideration the services and inventory (price & quantity) used for these services to estimate accurate quotes. Preview and share quotes with your client in a readable PDF format. Once the client approves the quote online (you see, automation?), progress it to contract in one click. The inventory management module helps you keep track of item quantity in real time and stock-up before stock runs out.

Field Mobile App

Field Mobile App is meant for your field technician on the move and integrates seamlessly with the web application. Technician can take images of the pest control service provided and add notes to the service. If the admin has allowed forms for that particular contract, the field technician can fill out the survey form for that contract to help you analyze his performance and compare it with the standard expectation.

FieldPLANR works as the best service management software and workflow organizer for pest control service providers. For free trial of the FieldPLANR pest control service management software , contact us here.

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Frequently asked Questions

FieldPLANR is provided as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS solution. With SaaS, you will only pay a fixed monthly fee and have benefits like upgrades and maintenance – all technical stuff. This also makes it affordable by all sizes of businesses – from startups, small & medium to large enterprises.

Any part of the world! We have a great support team in place to guide you through if you ever have trouble using the solution. Being a cloud solution, FieldPLANR only needs an internet connection and a device that supports browsing, for full functioning.

We understand your concern and that’s why we provide a free demo. If you need to test it by yourself, a free trail can be arranged too. You can find out for yourself how easy it is to use FieldPLANR!

Without a doubt! Records from your system can be easily imported onto the FieldPLANR via Settings. It’s simple – download the sample file and fill out your data accordingly.