The Advantages of using Field Service Management Software

  • FieldPLANR is highly efficient, user-friendly and is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that includes initial setup, regular updates and upgrades and also maintenance.
  • Fully loaded and ready-to-use solution that can also be customized to your needs.
  • International-level support system in place that includes communication in your preferred way – video (Skype), call (telephonic) or emails.
  • Features with multiple settings that make the software stand out from the rest.
  • Real analytics of your business operations so you can make the best business decisions.

Whether you provide computer hardware design, deployment, security or maintenance services, FieldPLANR serves as a complete computer hardware field service management software for your business.

Are you a start-up and feel that you cannot afford a software as it is expensive? The field service coordinator is highly modular and your costing is entirely created on the basis of the modules that you choose. We don’t force you to purchase modules that you will never use! You only need to pay an affordable monthly fee other than the one-time-only setup fee.

Contract Management/Job Management

Give your customers full value for their money, while you benefit too! Confidently reassure your client timely and satisfactory services by signing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with them. FieldPLANR is a professional level contract management system that includes every important detail of contracts and lets you handle your workflow with efficacy. Professional contract management system ensures you never fail to carry out services as scheduled. Send a gentle reminder to customer when their SLA is about to expire and retain your client for a really long time. Make timely order fulfillment as easy as a chore!

Instant Quotes you can Share Online

Quote management is quick with FieldPLANR’s automatic quote calculator. Quotes are calculated on the basis of services and inventory items (for e.g. microchip, wires, CPU fan, etc.,) used for that service. Instantly preview and share with customers in one of the ready templates or any new frame in an easy PDF format. Clients can approve quotes online while you can progress an approved quote to job in just a single click, saving a lot of time.

Field App for Field Technicians

Provide the field app for your field engineers on the go to update details including images from onsite. This data can be accessed at office (web application) in real-time. Clock their work hours by having them update start, pause and stop for services during visits. The field mobile app even works in remote areas with no access to internet! This data is synced with the centralized system as soon as internet is gained back on the device.

Instant Services Scheduling

Schedule onsite services in an instant with the help of the drag and drop calendar based on availability of your engineer. Avoid technicians from taking unnecessary, longer routes with a thorough planning system in place. Address urgent requirements by rescheduling any visit right from the office or wherever you are. Alert the technicians on the go about the visit, through instant notifications on their field mobile app.

Inventory Management

Computer hardware services require a variety of inventory that only technicians understand. It is mandatory for you to keep a strong hold on inventory count. Manually staying updated of the count is a tedious job and you must consider so many things to calculate including quantity used for services, by communicating with technicians after they report back in the office or via phone calls. FieldPLANR updates inventory in real-time with respect to services as well as purchase orders. Low stock alert option lets you set a threshold for every item to receive alerts.

Quick Invoicing:

Modernize your approach to creating invoices. Don’t stick to older and slower methods when you have an affordable software to help you through. Share invoices in multiple ways – including PDF format via email. However, if you would like to stick to a hard copy proof, you can download an invoice at any point of time. Give your client multiple payment modes to have maximum probability of receiving payments right on time. Keep track of business with the reporting feature – run system generated reports or customize your own report.

Get your hands on our free trial and find out how FieldPLANR gets your cleaning service management automated.

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Frequently asked Questions

FieldPLANR is provided as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS solution. With SaaS, you will only pay a fixed monthly fee and have benefits like upgrades and maintenance – all technical stuff. This also makes it affordable by all sizes of businesses – from startups, small & medium to large enterprises.

Any part of the world! We have a great support team in place to guide you through if you ever have trouble using the solution. Being a cloud solution, FieldPLANR only needs an internet connection and a device that supports browsing, for full functioning.

We understand your concern and that’s why we provide a free demo. If you need to test it by yourself, a free trail can be arranged too. You can find out for yourself how easy it is to use FieldPLANR!

Without a doubt! Records from your system can be easily imported onto the FieldPLANR via Settings. It’s simple – download the sample file and fill out your data accordingly.