The Advantages of using Field Service Management Software

  • FieldPLANR is highly efficient, user-friendly and is provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that includes initial setup, regular updates and upgrades and also maintenance.
  • Fully loaded and ready-to-use solution that can also be customized to your needs.
  • International-level support system in place that includes communication in your preferred way – video (Skype), call (telephonic) or emails.
  • Features with multiple settings that make the software stand out from the rest.
  • Real analytics of your business operations so you can make the best business decisions.

Make your services management a piece of cake with FieldPLANR’s efficient property maintenance services software that includes all features that you need to take your services to the next level and more.

Contract Management/Job Management

Whether one-time or recursive, handle contracts like a pro with FieldPLANR’s contract management module. Contract Management Solutions/Software or Job Management System/Solution decides how your business improves with time. The FieldPLANR contract management software for property maintenance services ensures seamless contract management with highly efficient CRM, quotes, inventory, visits and scheduler modules.

Real-time Scheduler Calendar

Schedule field services with the help of calendar. Scheduler offers four views (day view/week view/month view/team view) for the quickest and easiest planning of services. Assign field technician seeing their availability in the real-time calendar. Plan services smartly based on distance to the client’s field, and technician availability. Re-schedule any service in a matter of seconds with the drag & drop feature on the calendar.

Property Management Services Manager

Create multiple categories and assign each service to any of these categories that helps you identify before using them for a contract. Set a default category. Services can be assigned multiple items from the inventory. Choose these services to be applicable for use in one-time contract, recursive contract or both.

Purchase Orders Management

Manage your supplier information via the advanced CRM module. Manage purchase orders smartly with the FieldPLANR software. Keep a track of goods received in just one click. Create purchase orders by choosing a supplier that has been added in the advanced CRM module that integrates seamlessly with the purchases module.

Field Mobile App for Technician

Your property maintenance staff can use the field mobile app to update details from onsite which syncs with the centralized web application that you can access. They can even update notes and attach images taken in real-time to suggest the service they have completed. Verify the genuineness and performance of your team’s onsite work with the onsite app.

Our free trial intends to give you a brief outlook on how the software manages your business. Request free trial now..

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Frequently asked Questions

FieldPLANR is provided as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS solution. With SaaS, you will only pay a fixed monthly fee and have benefits like upgrades and maintenance – all technical stuff. This also makes it affordable by all sizes of businesses – from startups, small & medium to large enterprises.

Any part of the world! We have a great support team in place to guide you through if you ever have trouble using the solution. Being a cloud solution, FieldPLANR only needs an internet connection and a device that supports browsing, for full functioning.

We understand your concern and that’s why we provide a free demo. If you need to test it by yourself, a free trail can be arranged too. You can find out for yourself how easy it is to use FieldPLANR!

Without a doubt! Records from your system can be easily imported onto the FieldPLANR via Settings. It’s simple – download the sample file and fill out your data accordingly.